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2 feb 2022 om 17:32 Very good
25 jan 2022 om 19:22 Cold dishes. Only bones instead of meat. I want my money back.
21 dec 2021 om 20:20 The quantity was horribly less- sambhar was half filled in a tiny cup.
17 nov 2021 om 9:21 Ik bestel best vaak Indiaas en bedacht me om het hier te proberen. Had ik niet moeten doen. Het is gewoon erg slecht. Ik zou zeggen neem ajb een andere kok of sluit de tent
6 nov 2021 om 19:18 The amount is quite small compared to the price on the higher end. It is a more expensive than other indian restaurants with much better quality and quality. I would not recommend it to be honest.
26 aug 2021 om 20:49 We got the order after 1.5 hours and were also disappointed with the quantity we received. It was definitely not worth the money spent, when compared to other Indian restaurants.
12 aug 2021 om 6:49 Order arrived after 1 hr 45 mins ...repeated calling to find delivery status resulted in rude answers from the restaurant and ignoring calls ...bad service defeats the value of good food !
3 aug 2021 om 22:03 De goentecurry is vooral saus, ik moest de groenten zoeken. Smaak verder wel ok.
25 jul 2021 om 16:24 The chicken chukka is amazing . As is the Kaima- they are dry curries so they pack in a ton of flavor . They don’t come with rice - and there’s no option to just order plain rice so I order naan or dosa . It was delivered hot , and a clean delivery’
25 jul 2021 om 1:42 We ordered the weekend mutton menu. It was super Tasty and very authentic South Indian taste. Spices and all the masalas are made perfect true Indian flavours. Very glad to have ordered here and discovered this place.
19 jul 2021 om 9:07 Tandoori chicken is not tasty at all
18 jul 2021 om 20:34 The food is authentic South Indian, however price is too high for such a small quantity!